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Government of India (GOI) has identified that strong and well-functioning Special Economic Zones (SEZ) are a critical agent for the growth aspirations of the country. Therefore GOI has put in place comprehensive SEZ Act and Rules streamlining and simplifying the administrative and legal infrastructure to encourage growth of SEZs and growth of export oriented business out of the SEZ.

EXIM policy provides for speedy transactions and transparency in activities by reducing physical interface by use of modern technology solutions of online electronic transaction processing and payment through the electronic fund transfer. Such measures can also help in building an electronic database on the performance of the SEZ units and the duty/ tax exemptions that are provided to the SEZ units.

Keeping in line with the expectation of EXIM Policy of enabling electronic processing of transactions, the SEZ Online will enable online submission and processing of all applications and claims processed under SEZ Act.

SEZ Online is a total integrated solution offered by NDML for the administration of SEZ to facilitate speedy processing of various transactions that SEZ developers/units have with SEZ administration.

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